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In the cyber pages of my monthly e-newsletter, Caravan Trails, I am extending an invitation to you to write about your dance. I’m dreaming about publishing a yearly dancer’s anthology, a tribute to you and our dance, and this is our starting gate.
Each month we will write about a chosen topic, so that you can visualize and verbalize something about your tribal dance. You may be chosen to be published, either in edited or full form, in this newsletter or my new blog, and awarded a token gift from Gypsy Caravan. Let’s share our tribal vision. And if you have art to share, send it in.

**Who are your heroes?
People of wisdom, leaders, gurus—people who help light your path.

For the March D-Quad, send me your words on those who inspire you, and why. 800-1000 words.
Deadline for that will be February 20th please.
Email your submissions to


Include  a short bio, a photo, and your mailing address so I can send you a token gift for writing!

I look forward to reading and sharing your words.
February writers included Myla Stauber, Hilary Giovale, and Miriam Garcia! Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us! See Caravan Trails, the enewsletter….

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