Dance and Desire — Beginner’s Mind

Dance and Desire — From the Body to the Page

The Tribal Quest Experience…

Beginner’s Mind


Open the door.


That is my big word for the year…one of my Core Desired Feelings (CDF, from my work with the Desire Map book (by Danielle LaPorte, view here)...

Allow, Allowing, Allowance, to allow

  • to permit, to let happen, to admit

I am allowing myself to be, to have, to experience, to feel.

I am allowing myself to try, to open up, to receive.

To be happy, and mostly, to be! Now…


Break down the walls.

Burn down the house.

Done with the “yeah, buts”.

Done with the defining.

The path of no resistance.




Ready for world to open.

Ready for the quest of innocence.

To feel.

Really feel, what I want.

To flourish.

To live.


Beginner’s mind.

Fresh, open, receiving, experiencing, experimenting.

Open the door, without expectations.

With free flowing hips and loose shoulders.

An open heart.


Smiling face.

Without a title.

Without made up pretense of what I think it should, could be.



Caring about how I feel.

Allows me to really notice.




Dancing forward, with intention.

Open the door…


Make peace with the path.

And that allows me to give. To share. Open-hearted. Full-hearted. Passionately.




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