Dance and Desire—Round Up Part 3—Collective Soul and Teacher Training

Dance and Desire—Round Up Part 3—

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It is my half way through the year round up! Continuing on the journey that I have taken over the winter and early spring (actually the last 25 years!), I must stop and pinch myself. Remembering back all those years ago, really to when I was just starting to teach and develop Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® (which of course only got trademarked and registered this year!), when the Gypsy Caravan Dance Co. troupe and band started, and how quickly the demand for what I had created grew like wildfire.

Who knew? Not me, for sure, but all I could do was follow my heart and my passion, with the altruistic idea of bringing women (all folks) of the world together with the dance and music to celebrate and create a blissful place.

So that we could be the truest form of human, of woman, who can stand her ground, create from her soul, live the life she dreams, be healthy and full of vitality and passion, be sensuous creatures, no matter age or size, color or culture. To have fun. for if it wasn’t fun, I did not want to do it! A union, and a reunion. To live in peace and have community, which we all crave, to feel connected, within oneself first- through mind, body, and spirit, and then with a circle of others, and then globally connected. And back then there was no quick connection of the internet!

And I danced. And I danced. And I gathered.

I gathered like minded women to dance with me, to create, and share their hearts and souls too. I gathered musicians to make tribal-inspired tunes. For fun and enjoyment and art. To bring pleasure. And just dance!

Traveling—Spreading the Love!

And then came traveling to teach workshops, globally, and make DVDs and produce the musical CDs, and take Tribal Journeys, and write books, and blogs, and videos, oh my… and figure out how to share and teach others to do the same. To be in demand. that was an ego boost, but I just wanted to dance and share…

And then to LET GO of my baby… now not a baby anymore, but a full on head strong entity that was dynamic, powerful, beautiful, and meaningful. Took me a while to figure out how to let go, share it, teach it, dance it, make a language, and take it global. Because of that initial vision, of connecting all the women, with that spirit of the Tribal Hostess that I have become. There were tears and fears, and exhilaration, and revelations, and evolutions.

Came along my Teacher Training and Collective Soul certification programs. When I saw what people wanted, how exciting. But there were some that were bastardizing the dance. Some people would take one workshop or watching a video and and trying to teach it, people I had never met. It was a compliment, but turned upside down. So I wanted to maintain the integrity and help those who wanted to continue on with this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® style!  Sharing the love people! How awesome could that be?

So at first I thought it had to be only from my mouth and my hips. For years. It was an incredible program, first Teacher Training, then wisening up and solidifying my objectives, plus listening to all of you and what you wanted! So along came Collective Soul for more clarification, and then further onto a deeper Teacher Training, both in six levels, as that is how I teach my classes, from Beginning all the way up to Performance Preparatory, with all the levels in between.

How to dance from our hearts and our bodies, within a structured format, but knowing how to move as a dancer, through the dance, and through life, with grace and beauty and awareness. How to move forward with intention, not just learn the steps. Know what I mean? There is so much to this dance, and that is why I call it the Tribal Lifestyle.

tribal vision cover

Wellness, Wholeness, Happiness, Connection, Desire!

And now…whoa…to see all who have gone through my courses, and to witness the fruits of their labor and dance! To see them dancing and teaching around the globe, and sharing, with love and passion, living their heart’s, and their body’s desires. So proud, and more, fulfilled.

To see how this dance can bridge the gaps too, of that union of all, no matter size, shape, age, race, culture, to get these dancers on their path, to live in alignment with their true selves and get, I mean, really, get that connection. That is part of what I teach in my courses, but also, it just comes from the heart and soul. Plus lots of intuitive wisdom that is in each of us, some sort of historical, ancient collective wisdom, the collective unconscious (hence the name Collective Soul!) that we all share.

To dance from that place in the belly, the womb, the creative center, from which we birth our desires!

So now, tell me, what do you desire?

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Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®  —Collective Soul Certification!

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Starting August 2nd, 2015!

with Teacher Training Level One to follow in September…oh yes!

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