Dance and desire… Self-Sabotage- NOT..

Dance and desire… do it!

As we dance through our week, where is your focus? What are you working towards? And what is holding you back?

I know I’ve wrote about it before, but Self-Sabotage is a big deal. I must say I am getting so much better at NOT doing that! And how great that feels. Wow…these shoulders are getting lower!

How to do that, to stop stopping oneself? First it takes acknowledgement…that you are sabotaging yourself and then, what you truly want, in your heart and soul. You need to define, clearly and in detail, what it is you desire, what you are trying to do, where you are trying to get to, and why? Why why why? Because ultimately, you want to feel freakin’ great, right? And move through your day, your life with ease, and love.

How easy it is for us to put others in front of taking care of ourselves. How easy it is to vacuum the house instead of write that story that is yearning to be released from your fingers. How simple to go grocery shopping and forget to stop at the gym like you promised yourself. Every say, I want to go to dance class tonight, but it’s dark out? Do you hear you in these statements?

Plus it is easy to say, oh yes, that is what I did in the past. That is how I’ve always done it, something always gets in my way. I have always allow these things or these folks to stop me.

So Change Your Story. Don’t blame anyone, or anything, or yourself. Just stop right now! You are magnificent, and the only thing with you today, is today…so open up yourself to receive, to allow, to do what you want and need for today. Watch the words you use. If you say, I can’t afford it, well, then, of course you can’t, you just said it. How about this, I want this so I will be able to afford this soon.

Words are powerful.

Remember, thoughts become words, become things. You want it, say it out loud, write it down—20 times, believe it!

Make a map, a schedule, a discipline. Your calendar is your friend. Write it down and then read it and stick to it. Just do that ONE thing. And notice how you feel when you are done! Woo hoo… Pretty amazing, yes? And that rocks! Now, do it again,

Sounds simple..well, it can be. Only you can make it hard, or overthink it, or fall into that blame, or beat yourself up.

So what will you do today? What will make you smile, laugh, love your body, dance your ass off? Do it, and tell me about it!

Me, I am using that calendar religiously now… my calendar is my boss, my calendar is my friend, it allows me to lighten up my brain load, and keeps thing clear. Ah, clarity is fabulous…I use Google Calendar, plus my fabulous 2015 Desire Map Day Planner (OMG, love, here), and I can sashay through my day with ease.

Ok, my friends…enjoy your week. I am so happy to have you here!

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