Dance to Word-an adventure for you…


For months, images and words have danced in my head. From my body to the page, from my over zealous and usually overthinking brain, they swirl into and through my body, and work themselves out through my fingers, either through a delicious sparkly pen onto my journal of the day pages, or the little square buttons for the computer screen notebook.

Mostly my dance is now done alone, in my home, as I don’t have weekly classes anymore, having taken the traveling road so often a consistent homefront class is not viable, my choice. So I either dance around the kitchen while cooking, or workout in my office, letting the juices flow when my muse inspires me. My thoughts run wild with me after doing my yoga, Zumba, Ripped, classes at the gym. Movement is the catalyst. The always-feel-good-when-I’m-done thing that keeps me in shape and inspired.

Is that why we dance? One of the main reasons for sure. Because it just fucking feels great! And keeps me clear, body, mind and spirit. You?

Did you see the YouTube video of the 88 year old woman and her dance! Ha…watch til the end. It is a great giggle….I am right there with her. You can watch it on my FB page. Just scroll down until you see her! worth a look see…

**Want to take an advneture? How about today, you create a different playlist of music, all kinds of music, that you love to dance to–45 minutes worth….mix it up, with or without vocals, slow, fast, what ever moves you and your spirit. But something you don’t normally use.

And then dance alone, in your home or your studio, or out in the woods! Have a blast, dance like noone is watching, have at it. Then sit down with your journal and write for 30 minutes or however long works for you, on how you feel after dancing, and whatever comes to your glorious self Really!

Try it… Then let me know…

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**Thanks for being here, and enjoy your Sunday…I’m off to my Accountability Group Gathering, to work on all those dreams and visions I’ve got coming up for you… (tease….)


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