Dance to Word

What do you do when you lose your way?

You stopped something and you want to get it back, but find it hard to reconnect? From going to a dance class, to eating healthy, to going to the gym, to writing every morning, to practicing your guitar, to even taking some time off and playing… finding that motivation or connection can be hard, like jumping off a cliff backwards to repel down! Once you are over the edge, you can do it, you have to do it! It’s just that first step that is so difficult, for me.

And then once you did it, and you are there, and you realize how truly fabulous it is, and how glad you are to be there, and now that you are in it, you are good to go!

Ha, I know that feeling well. It is like sabotage sometimes, for me to get me to do what I really want to do. Sometimes I can find a million excuses to not do something I really want or need to do. But once I got it back, woo hoo, I am rockin and rollin!

So what do you do?

I do love spontaneity. I live for the opportunity to try something new, or change my plans, as I dislike being tied to a schedule. But I really do need the discipline, so I can get everything done that I need, the work I don’t like as well as the work that I love.

Getting on a daily regime is good, but doesn’t always work for me, as I travel so much. If I get on a roll, then I find when I have to travel, that roll just gets lost, then I have to find another way.

So I just keep lists of what needs to happen by when, notes of ideas –need to’s and want to’s–along with all the brilliant sparks that come to me! Yep, queen of lists, that is me…

But I do other things to keep me going to. Probably the most important thing I do for myself everyday is that I have to move, whether it be dancing,  playing with and walking my dogs, riding my bike, gardening, going to the gym. If I have a day at my desk without getting up and really working my body, I am drained and lethargic, but if I get up and work out, drink a bunch of water, get some air outside, whatever, I feel so much better and can rock the house! Know what I mean? And of course, I find that the better shape I am in, the more that is necessary…

I do try to journal everyday, as well… and I’ve been trying to meditate with Deepak Chopra with his 21 Day Challenge! Loving it…

So there are a few things that I do. Now how about you?

What do you do, and can you write about it?

I’d love to know and share…

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