Desire…a big word these days…

Dance and Desire


Desire…a big word these days…

When I think back a few years, working full on with my in person and then online course Tribal Bliss, which was taking my Tribal Trance Dance to the next level, incorporating words with movement, dance, trance, soul, and healing along with the ever present celebration that this dance brings, and then trying to define what that intuitive process was for me, and for my dancing students…it is amazing to see what has come from those early exploratory days. Even years before with my Ancient Echoes of Tribal Dance, and Dance as Ritual classes, beside my full workout Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® weekly classes, I just love the evolutionary process of how ancient wisdom seeps through, with the intuitive guidance and body opening that has happened as we have danced in continuous circle.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have seen women break open, dancing outside their box, from uncomfortable one moment to full on enlightened dancing the next, from shy wallflower dancers to exuberant shake that groove thing women, having so much fun, and feeling so light and free. Sometimes it is giving allowance, anointing permission, looking the other way or looking through the eyes into the soul that has granted my students the right and the wisdom to fully express themselves, from the word through the body.

Life is a celebration, our body is our walking and dancing journey through the  life that we live, we share, we collaborate, we direct, we follow, we create, we co-create, we analyze, we let go of, we indulge and we sustain, and we abstain, and we continue the walk… the dance through life.

And I have to dance. I have to move it, and shake it, and undulate it, and shimmy it, and rock it out, and pump it up, and stretch and strengthen and relax it and nap it. I have to feel it and listen to it, sing its praises, and nourish it and, more than anything else, I have to love it. It is mine. Mine for me, mine to share, mine to love, mine to make love, mine to shine, mine to glisten, mine to hibernate. What makes me feel alive in my body? What are my body’s desires…

There is that word, again…

Desire… What do you desire? What does your body desire? 

You can say, “I want to feel great”. but what does that really mean?

What does feeling great truly, deep down in your belly, what rocks your socks, what turns you into jelly, what makes you scream with passion, what does feeling great really mean? What does that look like? Sounds like? Feel like? You gotta go deeper…You gotta tell yourself what that means, why? So you can have more of it, passionately, deliberately, with intention…as we dance forward with intention. To get what and where we want to be, to feel how we want to feel. What makes us feel that way? What do we need to do to feel more of that?

That is my work with you…whether it be one on one coaching, in workshop, in retreat…I want that for you. Simple. Profound. Gut wrenching. Dance defying. Journey taking. Stepping it up. Owning it. Being big. And happy. And full of life. And sharing that love…

You there with me? What do you do to get to that place? Shall we do it together?

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