Enthusiasm is infectious

Hello my beautiful friends…

Well, I’ve been back and forth across the country and oceans so many times this past year… it has been a truly amazing adventure, especially when I reflect back on where I was at this time last year…

You’ve heard me mention some of these things before–closing up my wine bar/veggie cafe in my little town, closing up my farm, shifting dreams, surviving, moving back to my beautiful home in Portland, kickstarting my self and my dance life again full of renewed enthusiasm and a few dancing sisters who also were kicking my ass to get dancing and shaking again…

Enthusiasm is infectious (tweet that!)…and it can go along way, when you have friends, students, associates who support and believe in you, even after you take a hiatus.You spend time questioning, reflecting, evaluating, remembering, and digging deep.  And that is what happened to me…whoa…and it was truly enlightening, encouraging, exciting (any more e-words in that category?!) but mostly, you have to believe in yourself. Quiet down and listen, then…

Moving on, following your path, trusting your self, engaging your creative spirit, setting out on a familiar journey but with new eyes…it is all about stepping out of the box, and trying want you want…not want anyone else wants, but what you believe in your heart is true for you, your life’s calling, your dream idea, and not always knowing where that will take you either…does it matter, really?

Said over and over again, but the journey is where it is at…A friend posted a halloween photo of Gypsy Caravan in New Orleans, years ago, when we used to go every year as a troupe and take dancing and musician friends to play with us as we lead the french quarter halloween parade…now that is the place to go if you love halloween! To revisit that photo and that time, what a freakin blast that was, and a friend also posted memories of that journey, with sights, and smells, and tastes that were so vivid, still, because it was that experience, right then, that grabbed hold, and was still remembered, with fondness. To be in the moment, no matter where it might end up…and by the way, happy halloween!

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~~~~~NOW, back to the other conversation!!

Let me show you a few books that helped me, that you might enjoy! These are all very different books–creative, spiritual, business–since I am a book junkie and an avid reader, I love to share what inspires me, and also to support others in their creative ventures, so on my crazy road, these books and messages have knocked me around a bit or a lot, in a good way.


Have you read any of these? Check them out, let me know what you think…


So, one of my last creative ventures for this year was to release the latest DVD! Wowza! I did it, and am so excited to share it with you, in fact, all three of the latest Tribal Technique DVDs (#9, 10, 11)!  This DVD was so fun to make, to envision, to dance with GC dancers Cinzia and Amanda in the making. I love these steps, the connectedness with the others, the moves make me so happy, to dance them together. Which is what the DVD is about, that connection that tribal gives us. The three of us had a lively conversation at the end of the DVD too… which I loved making.

The Power In Tribal!



I think I will start my own Talk show!…I get so excited about sharing with you what others are thinking, we don’t usually have much talking time, out loud, about our dance, and how it feels, what it does to and for us…the trials as well as the joys…so watch for more of these video blogs! I”ve got a few up now and will post another one tomorrow…So exciting, I hope you enjoy those as well… see the links below if you have missed them.

Paulette and Gypsy Caravan:::Talking Tribal

the album on Vimeo is Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan’s Vlogs


oh one more thing… don’t forget to subscribe to my

Tribal Technique Online classes #1 and #2…


But in the meantime, get dancing! Thanks always, for being here…


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