Every Day Love

Dance and Desire

gerbera daisies

Every Day Love…


I love my red gerbera daisies sitting next to my computer, sexy and beautiful and lush…

I love my morning practice of journaling with meditation and movement

I’m addicted to listening to Abraham on my earpods

I love my evening ritual of a glass of wine on the front porch as the crickets sing and the sun was just a whisper

Ending with that oh so delightful list of gratitude awareness

I love words and pictures and dance and creation

I love co-creation

I love co-creation with the bevy of amazing women in my world who inspire me to greater things and the greater good

I love heart-felt connection and making plans for more

I love wailing my little heart out with some ole country song

I love memories but love moving forward

I love adventures in paradise, my paradise

I love the law of attraction

I love loudly spilling my guts on the page to make a quiet thing of soul beauty

I crave to search and examine the words that make my desires spark the truth of what I need, want in the world

I love to shine, and to see you, and you, and you, shine…the witnessing is magic

I love the energy that we raise and the power and the beauty that arises

I love teaching my new Tribal Grooves class tonight…ahhh, the glisten and the glory

and I just plain freakin’ love dancing…feeling so good!

That’s it, you know…

What do you love?

Give me your list today, can change tomorrow

it’s called AWARENESS! share it, sing it, bring it on…my friends!

Announcements for some more adventures:

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

coming October 4th...8 weeks online, ohhhh, such goodness for you, ways to explore with me, your desires, your words, and your body…

Save the date… more info to come!


Inspiration for your dancing, audacious, beautiful self.
Join us and get your Tribal Groove on!
Sign up for our weekly blog on the website

and join our Dance & Desire group… 

watch my video here

YES! Just being announced…
GypsyCaravan Dance Company International will be at

Elevation Belly Dance Festival, April 2016, Colorado…

join Karen Somdahl Hunt and myself with many other amazing dancers for this event… Our second time there…


Elena and I are so excited to share this weekend with you!

Registration being taken for our

We invite you to

Experience the Magic of Self-Discovery and Connection

Dance, Desire, and Divine Self-Care Retreat with Elena Lipson and Paulette Rees-Denis



November 7th-8th, 2015, in Kent, Washington, a lovely private location…

Go here to register, only a few spaces…

Oh and I’ll be in Florida in October too…so happy…

paulette in florida


and now my friends, have a splendid weekend…

so much love for you…

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Now tell me, in the comments, what you are loving today!


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