Friday, What I’m Loving! Empowerment and spreading the love…

I love that I can use Facebook to spread my Gypsy Caravan dance info and updates updates, fun pics, and also inspiring tidbits, my friends news, and I love it alot for the petitions these days. I know some people don’t like to get that stuff on facebook, but I think it is a great way to hear about stuff that you may not normally hear about. In my case, I don’t watch television, I rarely read the newspaper. So this keeps me posted on what my friends are acting on and believing in. Yes, even the presidential elections on facebook. Go Obama!

And for me, where my heart strings lie, waiting to be torn, it is usually about animals—adoptions, cruelty, causes that I feel very strongly about, that I can sign a petition and make a difference and that I can pass it along to any of you reading and caring. It is soooo time to step up my game, now that I am back on my feet after last years monetary plunge and life changes. I don’t need to be wealthy to contribute $10 to a cause. I was surprised to see that when I asked my 4000 friends on FB to donate to a  cause for my birthday, that only 5 people did. Now those 5 people made me really happy, and I’m sure that they felt really good about doing that. What does that mean? That most people don’t care, feel like they are too broke, caught up in their own little world. It is not my place to judge, and I know times can be hard, oh I know that… Just interesting to observe the actions… But again, those 5 fabulous folks just made a difference. oh yea….

I want to support causes, make a difference, give back, so something for the good of the world, wow, that sounds huge and overwhelming, but it does not  have to be. It’s hard for me to stick to a volunteering commitment because I am on the road so much these days. But I would like to. Help feed the hungry, walk the dogs in the pound, sign petitions, spread the work, send money, yes even small amount of cashola adds up.

I know that in my daily work of teaching dance and writing, I do good. I empower woman. That is gigantic! We all need to feel our power, whether it is in our dance, in our work, and in our everyday life. We need to take one day at a time. To be important, but yet to stay humble. To make a difference. The world needs that.We need that. My teaching empowers me; I love to pass on what I know in my heart and soul, what I have learned over the many years of life. About creating, about art, about health and fitness. Compassion, support, networking, building community, non-competition, ethics, business, love, strength, and so much more. That is the one big thing I know that I do well, with integrity and passion and truth. And it makes a difference. It is rewarding work, fun work. I love it. And I want to do more.

So how can you make a difference? It is not about being comfortable in our own little bubble. In our consumer oriented society, we get caught up in our own wants and desires, usually not our needs.  How do we change that? Look around, daily, notice what goes on around you. Look at the details. Do you see a neighbor that needs help? Or a street person who is hungry. Or a dog that is being kicked. What can you do?

First you take care of yourself so you can give and share. Good healthy food, body fitness, mind work, spirit work. Then share your love. Spread the wealth!

It is about stepping out, standing up for what you believe in. Help someone. Make a difference. Because you can.

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