Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance

I wanted to start here by sharing what is happening in our dance world. Since Gypsy Caravan’s start-up in 1991, we have seen many changes in the dance world, and with the dance forms. As we have grown around the globe with all of you beautiful dancers and teachers, which is so fantastic, our dance too, has evolved. I am in the process of expanding and rebranding our image, only in its initial phases! Our new name is Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance to encompass all that we are now. The name Gypsy Caravan will always be in our hearts, but it’s time to reach out and stay connected with all and who we have grown into around the globe… This is very exciting and I am happy and proud to have you part of our continuing tribe, and delighted with all that you bring to our dance world. These changes will unfold in time… Thank you for being here…

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