Good morning! and One More Thing

Greetings, after a sunny few days in Sarasota Florida! What a glorious beach, hot sun, and some down time, along with a beautiful beach wedding and pool parties!

but, I continue to think about our One More Thing–OMT.

Have any of you done any volunteer work? What a precious way to give back to the community, by giving just  a little bit of your time to help, whether it be people, animals, the land. Think about how rewarding that can be, even if you are strapped for extra time, even if just a few hours a month.
Someone or something needs a bit of care. And you can give it.

Knowing that you might want to, how do you find the right venue for your beliefs and your time? I”ve wanted to do something to help, and then think of soooo many ways to share my time. I love to work with animals, so the SPCA or Humane Society is a natural. I love to dance, and have been asked by my local retirement home to come and share some movement with the local residents. That sounds great to me, a no-brainer. And what fun too.

How about you? Do you already volunteer? Where at? Got some good suggestions? I’d love  to hear them…

Here are just a few ideas for you to get started…

AARP lists volunteer ideas too.

The National Park Service is gearing up for its centennial in 2016, and over the next year or so, they’ll really start lining up volunteers for seasonal positions.
To find volunteer opportunities near you, visit and click on “Find a Park.”

Donating Your Time
Going beyond one personal duties to help others in need. Read & Share.

Volunteer Abroad :  Volunteer 1 to 12 weeks, worldwide. Year-round. Make a real difference!

ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Visit the ASPCA website to learn how to fight animal cruelty, read expert pet care advice, and view dogs and cats available for adoption.

Thanks for all you do, and remember, be remarkable!

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