Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul and Teacher Training! new dates…

Are you interested in attending Collective Soul Certification Level One,

Teacher Training Level One,
and Collective Soul Level Two

in Portland July/August 2009?

July 23, 24, 25–Collective Soul Level One
July 26, 27, 28–Teacher Training Level One
July 31, August 1, 2–Collective Soul Level Two

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**testimonial from Cherie in England

The Collective Soul Experience
Collective Soul was a 3 day course with Paulette Rees-Denis founder of Gypsy Caravan. I found the whole experience a total joy – a dancing highlight of 2007.
Following introductions and conversations about our bellydance experiences and values we began with tribal technique, drilling and practice. The second day we studied rhythms , drum beats, and zill patterns. We attempted to dance while playing the zills, a skill rarely found in the UK it seems.
On the third day we were introduced to other members of Gypsy Caravan and were lucky enough to dance to live music.
As the group was small we received personal tuition throughout. Such an intense dance experience can often bring various emotions to the surface and this was no exception, Paulette was extremely patient and understanding while continuing to encourage and push everyone to their full potential. Paulette, Gina, Jen and the band blew me away with an inspirational performance which gave us a taste of the possibilities for tribal bellydance. None of us had forgotten the course ended with a ‘test’ or ‘assessment’ as we preferred to call it in which Paulette was keen to retain the high Gypsy Caravan – Collective Soul standard.
Most workshops provide you with technique and experience but rarely do you and one that truly unites a group of dancers from far and wide in such a positive way. Paulette emphasized the importance of integrity as a dancer and respect for fellow dancers, something we could all benefit from. I would recommend Collective Soul to anyone who is prepared to be challenged in a
supportive atmosphere.
Cherie in England

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