Gypsy Caravan Teacher Trainees, Level One! woo hoo….

Toni, Merina, Becky, Lisa, Akasha
Toni, Merina, Becky, Lisa, Akasha

and here’s my girls! another 3 days of intensive dance training, here in Clatskanie, OR, and the dancers passed their certification (Becky already had, she was taking a refresher!) I am once again the proud mama!

It is such a great experience, for me and for the girls, talking about dance, dance as art, body awareness, community, problems and the ah-ha moments too, besides sculpting the body into the dancer as teacher. The dancers live together, eat together, dance together, broadening the experience that tribal dance is, from all over the globe.

I love this work, and I love to teach dancers who have the desire to share the dance and to make themselves better at what they love.

The work is never done, but what great work it is…

many thanks!


and what is next? and on we go to Breithenbush for our weekend workshops at a gorgeous rustic retreat center in the mountains…

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