Happy February! and a Tribal Vision book sale….

Tuesday morning, February 1st, wasn’t it just the holidays?

I”m thinking about inspirations, my lists of wonderful things to do, to try, to listen to, to watch, who, what, when, where, all the glorious adventures of this new year! It is grand…

and I want to offer you a special sale on my book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance. I want you to read it! I want you to get what you want from your life, and from your dance, or whatever artform is yours! I have made such a delightful life with my artform, and have met so many amazing people. I know you can too…

so read my book!

Tribal Vision
Tribal Vision

Normally $25.00, plus $5.50 S&H, buy it now for $20.00 total, and get our Quest CD as a gift!

Woo hoo…

all you need to do is paypal


$20.00, with your mailing address, and we will get that to you right away…

Get on with your art, your life, find beauty and inspiration in other’s stories, and dream big!

and many thanks….

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