Intensives, from Gypsy Caravan…Collective Soul and Teacher Training

Why do you think they are called intensives?!

Whoa… because they are… intense…and intensive…

Three days of the good, the bad, the beautiful, and even sometimes the ugly! Packed into a small group of dancers with the heart, spirit, and desire for Tribal Bellydance. To learn more, not just about the moves and the technique, but what makes them the dancer, the person, that they are, or desire to grow into. To be the best dancer, and person, they can be. To listen, share, and voice themselves and their dreams, their aches, their loves, their fear, and their joy.

In our three day intensives for the levels of  Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Certification Intensives:

We write, we meditate, we stretch, we dance, we talk, we listen, we share, we bond, with bodies and hearts and souls. Then we dance some more. We are different ages, different sizes, different in so many ways. yet similar. We have the need for connection, we want to love ourselves even more, we want yet more empowerment for ourselves, through the dance, through our bodies, through each other.

We join in because we want to dance, to feel our bodies, to create with the whole being, we want to discover, to learn more, to understand, we are on the tribal quest, yet we learn that we are enough as we are. We want to be teachers, we want to be students. We feel the vulnerability of being human, of learning at different paces, and that we are freakin’ fabulous. 

Our hearts expand with newness and oldness, with A-ha moments, and with oh yea’s, with head nodding and forgiveness and acceptance. We learn what it takes to be the dancer we dream of being, the women we are, the teacher we want to be. We acquire new skills and shine up old ones, refinement is glorious.

What more can I say, but that you dancers who undertake this journey are brilliant. I am honored to be a part of your journey. I love that I have tools, the experiences, the heart, that will take you further on your inquisitive path. I watch the world expand with your newness, your glow and your flow. And how we touch lives, one by one, around us and through the airwaves. How we can be the change we desire, and pass on the love.

Dancers write in about the Collective Soul and Teacher Training experience!

SF:  Why? To improve my skills, understanding and knowledge of tribal belly dance. To learn how to confidently move with grace, power and be able to improvise. It was exhilarating, challenging, fulfilling, inspiring, humbling!


NEW DATES this Fall will be October 4th- 8th, 2013

Join Paulette and Amanda Richardson for the

outstanding Gypsy Caravan Tribal Intensives:

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Level One in Portland…

If you want to improve your understanding, knowledge  and practical dance skills, then CS or TT training with Paulette, I highly recommend.

Not only will you find yourself evolving as a dancer, but as human being, an individual and a member of the community.

If you want to be an effective leader and follower, then these trainings are so recommended.
If you want to be inspired and be inspiring and challenge yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually with the aim of being the best dancer you can be. then Paulette’s trainings come highly recommended!

More info coming at you soon about registration…
In the meantime you can read more about these courses and what they will do for you, on this site, here…

Interested? Let me know ASAP so we can send you an application and hold your place in the class…class sizes are small, so do come and join us!

and please pass this on to any one you know who would enjoy this opportunity! thanks for being here….


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