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Life back at home and I get crazy busy… I realized that I have not finished writing about the rest of the Oz journey. And I must, it was love, work, dance,and more dance. In between the Collective Soul adventures were yet more workshops. In Brisbane, I taught five workshops on the weekend. Blistering hot, too, let me tell you. I was drenched Saturday morning before we even started, and here I was with a Madonna headset on my head and back and sweating and laughing and making everyone dance hard and sweat too. A great weekend of many questions, thought-provoking comments and corrections, intuitive dance moments, and lots of new ideas for the dancers to take home and work on.  I sold out of my stock of my Tribal Vision books—autographing them as we went, Dvds, Gypsy CDs, and other little items I had brought with me. Everyone kept calling me the everready bunny, and asking me where I got my energy. You know, I love to dance. Pretty basic and simple. But what keeps me going is the music. If I love the music, I can’t stop! So find what moves you and use it to the fullest…there you go…

I said good bye to my girls on that last day, Dee, Nina, Heidi, and Christine (sporting her first ever brand new tattoo!) with a champagne birthday lunch celebration for Dee.


Onward I went to Wollongong, south of Sydney, to torrential downpours, but cooler weather. Miss Jacqueline of Tribal Jewels was my lovely hostess again; it had been two years since I had seen her, and a joyous renunion!

Two more days of workshops, ending with an intense and wonderful trance class again. That is the best way to end a workshop session because it helps to release but rejuvenate you and your body, really letting yourself move after the intense structure of learning and refining moves.


Sandy joined us, from AsIf troupe, for some delicious wine tasting, and it was great to be there again. Wonderful dancers, great feedback, and time to go home.

But again, I was enamoured of the bird life there, and all over Australia. The songs of the parrots and all the creatures was thrilling, loud, raucous, lovely. Wild parrots would land to eat in Jackie’s mom’s backyard, where I stayed, and I could sit and watch and listen for hours.

DSCF0528It was a great trip, one I will remember and treasure always, with several invitations to return for more dancing. Maybe next year…

Thank you Australian dancers for your vitality and desire and friendships…

keep on dancing with passion and grace!

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