My dance journeys in Columbus, Ohio

The Radio City Rockettes from New York City

In those early days of my dancehood, jazz was the dominant love. Not only did I want to be a June Taylor dancer (weren’t they featured on the Jackie Gleason show?), but I wanted to be a Rockette. Oh those legs, that chorus line, that power. When I did move to New York City at age eighteen, I was more into fashion photography, taking a break from dancing for a few years. I learned that this body was not going to be a Rockette. Ah well… I was to learn so many more things about life before I got back into my dance world.

The other my mother, my sister, and I went to see the Rockettes at their Christmas extravaganza. And what a show. Extravaganza is a mild term! There were 24 Rockettes, several other members of the cast, the latest technology in stage design with a constantly changing backdrop of 3-D videos of moving street visions of NYC, dancing santas, christmas ornaments. They brought in a mini ice-skating rink, a small city bus full of leg-kicking Rockettes, and need we talk about how many costume changes the dancers made! The cascading red curtains and continuous revolving Christmas décor and design was over-the-top beautiful, and it was a whirlwind of dance and song. The song part I could do without, just give me those legs and that sychronisitic dancing and I am beside myself with happiness! (This is where my love for our own tribal formations comes from.)

They even had two camels, several sheep, and a donkey to reenact a navtivity scene. They pulled in bits and pieces from dances of Swan Lake and the Nutcracker—do you believe I can still remember some of those dances that I did back when I was twelve? The women did an amazing toy soldier dance with the choreography sharp and tight, and I found myself holding my breath as they rotated in and out of lines and star formations, to fall like dominos into each other’s arms at the end.

We were in the nose-bleed seating section, which made my vertigo kick in, but that was quickly forgotten when the magic of the dancers enteing in their known-for chorus line magic.

Splendid show, and inspiring, that’s what I love.

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