no mediocrity for your troupe, your dance, your life…

or anything for that matter…
Chris says in my favorite blog these days, “If the band leader only says, “Nice job, guys” when everyone is playing badly, no one will ever improve. Instead, the undeserved compliment will reinforce a subculture of mediocrity. At best, the group becomes inefficient. At worst, the group falls apart because no one is holding up the flag of excellence and keeping people focused on the right goals.
Whether through failure or constructive criticism, ass-kicking reminds us we’re not alone in the world.
If people care about you getting your stuff done, that’s a good thing, because it provides effective reinforcement for the finished product. On the other hand, if no one notices or cares, you begin to feel as though you might as well not do it.”

List me five things you want to get done in the next six months…
come on, tell me!
I’ll think about my list and share it with you this week.

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