On writing and dancing

It is hard to put in words the things that we feel in our hearts and souls sometimes, but I love the journey of writing. It can be sometimes painful to go inside, but it can also be freeing. Cluttered around my little farm garage-turned-loft are my piles of books in progress! In The Right To Write, by Julia Cameron, she states,


“…writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living.”


“writing is a powerful form of prayer and meditation.”


Julia believes that all people come into this life as writers. I so agree. And I think that we all come into the world as dancers. We need to move our bodies and listen to what is inside. So many people are afraid to dance, saying they have no rhythm. What they have is just a different sense of rhythm! Have you ever danced so hard that you cry? Moving is essential and an important means not only physical and emotional release and reward, but can be way fun and liberating.

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