One More Glorious Thing!

Last week we talked about volunteering your time to help out. I know how it feels to be overloaded and not have a lot of time to give, but when you do it, it is so rewarding, and it really is a lovely way of helping out, but giving that little piece of yourself to take care of someone, help feed someone, drive your elderly neighbor to the store, or volunteer on a larger scale with a big organization.  Remember, every little bit really does count.

If you can’t find that extra time right now, no reason to feel guilty. How about donating some cash to an organization, or join a supporting group? ¬†Again, there are so many, so find one that really fits with your ethics and esthetics. Join PETA, adopt a gorilla, send money to a cancer research fund. I belong to the Arbor Day Foundation, which helps plant and replant trees. Since I can’t do that work, I can send my support, for not very much money, and get our necessary-for-life trees planted. Simple and rewarding.

Do a little research online, find the cause that suits you, and go…

From Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots organization: Knowledge leads to compassion, which inspires action!

Your turn….

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