One More Thing- 8/24/09-Positively Inspired

Sometimes I just get really excited about something, and find it hard to contain my excitement—know how that feels? Maybe I love a new dance piece, or a song makes me crazy with the need to dance to it, or my garden veggies burst forth so unexpectedly, or maybe I feel like my little bit really does help. I get on a roll and then I focus, or refocus, on my desires and intention (we talked about last week!)…

I get inspired from reading. Words inspire me. Movement inspires me. Thinking and writing inspires me. Other people inspire me. And today I’ve been reading “the Going Greener Guidebook”, from Body and Soul Magazine. (And I love this magazine!) It is packed full with ideas and real solutions to some of the dilemmas facing us and the planet today.(

We can all use a good dose of positive reinforcement. And know that yes, our daily choices really do make a difference. One thing I have a hard time getting around is people not composting their veggie scraps—especially when they have a yard and a garden, or even just a yard. They dump their excess food and scraps in the trash. Why? Is it that easy to just dump stuff and not think about it? We must keep thinking about consequences and  change our actions. Woohoo…

Learning how to compost is easy. Since garden scraps and that leftover food make up 24 percent of the solid waste, why not put them in a compost bin, and add newspapers, and other biodegradable stuff to that bin. Magic happens! It will turn into that yummy rich soil for your garden (which is a fantastic choice!), dump it in the corner, or just spread it over the lawn (that grass is another story!) But not in our land fills (except the meat and dairy stuff of course). Then you also keep your trash and trash bill down too. Awesome.

I use a large tupperware-like container by my cooking area, then when that is full, I dump that in a larger tub with a cover outside my door, and since my garden is further away on the farm, I then cart that down to my three big beautiful wooden slatted compost bins that Jeff built me in my garden. Presto,  I have dark soil being made year round. Of course, now my chickens get a lot of my scraps too, and that makes everyone really happy! But when I lived in the city, my two big compost bins were right outside my back door and ready for the garden and flower beds.

Here are two easy guides to help you along with that. Get started, make that intention to compost. It really is easy, and so rewarding.

Compost Guide – Composting Fundamentals

Composting | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | US EPA

and there are plenty more if you just google Compost! Let us know how you do, and how you do it! Keep on keeping on!

AND so as not to take things too seriously….

To succeed in life, you need 3 things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone. (tweeted today from GypsyHeart777)

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