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winter snow-blogSo many thoughts going through my brain this morning, sipping on my coffee, while the day comes into view. Making my lists for the day, and the week, with plans for the coming year. Today brings the longest night, darkness.

Can you reflect in the darkness, upon yourself, and your past year, and where you are?

On my farmette, it is very dark out here. I love it. No sreetlights, no cars,no neighbors. Dark. We have hung some colorful lights in the house and around the patio. Twinkling in the darkness, so pretty. I relish the outdoors, whether it is cold, raining, snowing, sunny. I need to be outside. And I must be too, to go the barn and the coop everyday, several times a day, to take care of the animals. It is a hike, and I lug buckets of hot water down to them about 4 times a day in this freezing weather. But when I am outside, I get the big picture. My picture. It is so real for me, if that makes sense to  you. It keep me in my body, and in my soul. It makes me shine.

And so on this day I do think about the past year. What an amazing year with my dance work—traveling, teaching, dancing with amazing women, writing. It has been very rewarding and full of heart-warming events. Not to mention the rest of my life away from dancing (yes, I do have one!) I am thankful.

We all need to acknowledge what we have done, and give ourselves more credit. Being cynical is not pretty, or just downplaying something we have done  so not to seem boastful or full of our own ego. But I’m talking about taking our own personal credit, patting ourselves on the back,  and moving forward. We need to feel good about what we are doing so we can continue. When we feel good about ourselves and our work, then we can help others feel good.  It can fuel us. Sadly, I see women who criticize themselves or make fun of themselves, not taking themselves seriously, and are afraid to step up and say, hey, check me out.  Me, I love what I do and I feel like when women come to take a tribal bellydance class with me,  they leave feeling really good about themselves, on so many levels. It may take a few weeks, or a few months, but they get empowered, and they can see the beauty in themselves and in each other, which is so lovely to witness. No competition, just support, and also networking. Building community and acceptance.

This is what my universe told me today!

When driving down the road of life, Paulette, rarely do you know how good you have it, until you see it in the rear-view mirror.

Which is not to suggest that you should look back now, but to remind you that where you are today is more awesome and amazing than you probably realize.

The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
© ®


One of my One More Things for this next year is trying to not use/buy so much in leather goods. A talented friend of mine makes fantastic handbags, first knitting them and then felting them—what beautiful works of art to carry around with all those items we must carry. And there are so many good recycled  and innovative bags being made now too. In general, that is a good way to shop, anyway. Many artful uses of sweaters and other used clothing items are being made in to new groovy wear.  How about YOU?


…and shoes, well, shoe fanatic that I am! Here is a vegan shoe site for you to check out! And they have a donation/give back program which is way cool!

NEUAURA is sending holiday cheer your way with a continued sale on our Fall/Winter 2010 Collection of vegan footwear.

NEUAURA is proud to donate 10% of all online sales to Keep a Child Alive and The Humane Society of the United State


Do you have a give back program? I”ll tell you about mine next week!

One More Thing, don’t forget!

Happy Solstice to you, beautiful people. You rule…

~an excerpt from some Solstice thoughts from my friend, priestess and poet extraordinaire… T. Thorn Coyle

Know Thyself
What do you wait upon? The light is heard,
You know the name of every ant and leaf
And sing the spell in every woven word,
Your chambered heart beats yearning. Yearning.

You are the light. You are the one returned.
You are the shining thing that always burns.

T. Thorn Coyle, with Solstice Blessings, 2009

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