One More Thing–Please join in with the Humane Society today

I have not written with a One More Thing for several weeks, and so I wanted to share this story and link with you. Donations, even small ones, can be so helpful for those who can spend their time fighting for good causes, so I urge you to  donate to this cause in helping save the baby seals from slaughter, a senseless act of killing.

The Protectseals team is in Newfoundland, bearing witness to the tragic slaughter of survivors. Despite the worst ice conditions in decades already claiming the lives of countless seal pups, the Canadian government has done the unthinkable: It’s raised this year’s seal hunt quota by 50,000 seals to nearly 400,000—all for fur….

Come on dancers and friends,  if not this cause, pick one that you believe in, and show support. Share with us what your causes are, I would love to hear about them.

And thank you!

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