One More Thing—setting an intention…

I’m back from my teaching trip to Edmonton, Canada, and it was a delightful long weekend. Teaching four mind bending, thought provoking, and body working workshops over two days was fabulous and the dancers left with lots of information and ideas to build their tribal repertoire on. I also got a chance to perform solo (!) and watch the local troupes strut their stuff and show off their interpretations of tribal and fusion dances at the hafla, and played percusiion as Jeff as showed them what the zurna and mijwiz was all about! He also captivated the dancers in the class we taught together with his haunting and exquisite ney playing.  We visited with wonderful friends, and even caught a couple of plays at the Fringe Festival. As always, it was a quick but packed weekend.  And me without my computer! Oh my…

Back at it, I’ve been thinking all weekend about how to make One More Thing stronger. I have a couple of die-hard participants, and I love you! But I need to reach out and stay consistent, so that you do too, as we all sometimes need to do, in so many areas of our lives, right?

So how does one do that? By setting an intention. In dance class, I always say, dance with intention, just like we need to move through life with intention. Take up space and mean it. First, before we take a new challenge, we need to look at the purpose. In setting life in order, you want to figure out why you want to build new habits. With One More Thing, I want to not only empower myself to keep taking that next step in helping to build a stronger planet, but I want to bring it to you and see you be motivated also. Sharing and networking is one of the biggest motivaters. We all  know that it is necessary to keep taking steps, wether they are baby steps or a huge leap, we must all be active in this practice to keep a sustainable, healthy, and thriving living situation. So my intention is to keep this running weekly on my blog, which also helps me to think about it in my daily life. No guilt factors here, no need for resistance, just intention and awareness.

So the intention should bring clarity and simplicity. Nothing too big or daunting. Simple. Easy. But meaningful to you. An intention that is authentic with fuel the change. Then you can focus and keep your vision strong so you can sustain that change and develop effective habits, over time, like learning a new dance move and getting it into your muscle memory. It can happen quickly or take weeks of practice. But if that is your desire than you can achieve it. And I really want you to achieve it.

How about it? Intention? One more thing?


Recently in One More Thing, we’ve started discussing eco-cleaners. I’m all for making these household products that are easy, inexpensive, and a natural fix for not using chemicals in your home. Let me add a simple recipe if you haven’t tried this yet. Here I am, a tribal dancer, telling you how to clean and unclog your bathtub and sink drains! Imagine! But when I first used this I was amazed and how effective and easy and green it is. 

Pour 1/2 cup baking soda into your drain, then follow that with 1 cup white vinegar. It will fizz up. When it stops, pour in boiling water to wash it all down. How easy is that? (Draino, be gone.)

OK, your turn, and thanks for hanging around!

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