Oz part 4, Denmark, WA tribal journey

DSCF0294Awakening early every morning, my time clock is messed up! Not sure what day or time it is over here, since it is about 17 hours ahead of time at home 🙂

but I go with the flow and take a walk to the water near my hotel. Gorgeous, quiet, what a great way to start the day, and there are so many birds, singing, ranting, calling their wake-ups to the world. On the water is a group of pelicans, resting, bobbing for their breakfast while I sip on my instant Nescafe. (Oh, so waiting for that cappuccino!)

Without the internet for a few days, is a relief but also feels like hell. Not sure I am liking that addiction, but needing to feel in touch with my home, my man, my other life away from touring. So I journal some more.

The workshops are splendid, six hours in one day is a lot for any dancer to take it all in. More steps, more drills, more sweat, then more steps. Laughter, questions, chocolate, and another coffee. They tease me and call me the everready bunny, because I don’t stop! When I get focused, I can’t stop. Drill, drill, drill. but it is the only way for the dancers to remember what I’m showing them.

By sunday afternoon, the 4th and 5th hours, the dancers are dropping out, tired, overloaded, brain full and body tired. But it feels good, everyone has a glow about them, and I feel rewarded for sharing and giving what was wanted and needed. We keep pushing as some dancers leave early for a long drive home. Some dance until the end, laughing still, but glazed over with more love for the dance then when they started, and asking me to come back soon (or they will kidnap me to stay). Ah, my job is done. Hugs, friends, passion, time for a glass of wine…

denmark workshop

I thank you all, dancers, for your dance and your desire to continue on, for supporting Becky, your sponsor in bringing me to you. It was a pleasure…

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