Paulette’s Personal Collection Sale!

Paulette’s Personal Collection Sale!

Along with all the dance activities of late, I have sorted through 25 years of costumes! Full of fun, emotional times, memories of dances and dancers past, it is time again for some downsizing in my life. And time to pass on these bits and pieces of my tribal dance history, to some dancers who would like to wear some old/new pieces.

I will be highlighting a few items weekly in my blog for sale. Some will be expensive, and some won’t, but great pieces to share with you!

Each week on my blog, starting here, I will feature past my Gypsy Caravan costume pieces for sale! Some newer, some older, some in quantities for more that one dancer, some just one piece. Jewelry, fabric, cholis, and more… join the fun. Payments through Paypal or by check. Be the first to email and purchase!


This week we will start with my smallĀ  fan collection! These peacock fans were used in a beautiful fan dance that we performed at Tribal Fest several years ago….

There are 6 fans, or 3 sets of 2, all a little different!

Arent’ they gorgeous?

All six fans for $46.00 plus $5.50 for S&H…

And the second fan item:

Three fans, for you Spanish-inspired dancers–purple, green, and red…all three for $12.00 plus $5.50 for S&H.

Email me first, then after confirmation of purchase, paypal to

including your mailing address!


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