quotes from 2 friends, and 2 book recommendations…

As I was going over notes from the past, little tidbits of writings that I have filed away, I ran across these two quotes from fellow dancers.

Peggy wrote to me a bit about the spider, “Spider teaches, spider awakens. Spiders can spend a day weaving their web and if it doesn’t work untie it and let it float away. Spider can teach us to weave our lives, but we always have the ability to re-weave what we don’t like.”

*** Niamh wrote, “There is honestly nothing more brave and beautiful than a woman living, and living for herself. What an adventure! If only all women could have that adventure.”

Thank you beautiful women, for writing, it means so much to me. Our dance can be so simple, sometimes so difficult, but always so profound. I so believe the dance has helped to make to make and keep women connected together in a strangely beautiful community of sorts, and helped to make them strong and beautiful individually and collectively!

Niahm also suggests these two books as making an impact on her and wanted to share them as well…

1. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

2. The Sweet Breathing of Plants, Women writing on the Green World by Linda Hogan & Breanda Peterson Let me know what you think!

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