Reading, SARK, and Obama!

Reading. What would I do without my books? From mysteries, to nonfiction, to motivational, books on dance and art and writing, I have walls of books. I am loving reading tidbits from SARK (Susan Kennedy).
Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing with your wonder-full self…
Succulent, isn’t that a great word? To be juicy and ripe and full of greatness. To feel like that when you are dancing, or creating, or just living. That is something to strive for.
She states, “Choosing succulence is a deliberate art of personal revolution.”
It’s true; we do choose. Positive, negative, optimist, pessimist.
Someone told me once I was too optimistic. But how can I not be? It is how I live in my world, full of splendor and succulence.
After the inauguration yesterday, I felt such hope and vitality, a change for the world, a change well needed. Optimism…
Obama’s speech was invigorating. A few statements stuck to me, as he talked about our patchwork heritage. Reminds me, too, of our tribal dance, it has a patchwork heritage too! The joining of cultures and communities.
And he talked about the price and promise of citizenship, that we all need to work for what we want to achieve, and work together. Nothing gets handed down to us, as many in our society seem to believe. I love to work for what I want. I am not afraid of work, but just need to incorporate more play! 🙂
Back to SARK…Have you read her books? They are colorful and playful. Serious but full of life and joy. She talks about power and what it means to her.
“Standing strongly in your women center and living from your heart.”
Are you a powerful woman? Who are your heroes? And your powerful women role models?
Tell me….

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