Ready to give it your all?

Into the New Year we are and are you ready to give it your all?

To live this life of yours full of flavor, of richness, of the gathering of all you desire?

To step up and be fully present? In the moment? Daily?



I love the rituals and processes of reviewing the past year, of letting go, of looking forward, of dreaming and desiring, the spiritual quest, of planning and mapping it all out, of choosing words that speak to me.

Words full of deep and well-rounded meaning, personal journeys, the thrill of life.  That resonate from my core and fill me with wonder and excitement, as I scribble and doodle and journal the goings on of my days or decades.

To dance through my life, in studio as well as down the sidewalk, moving in splendor and awe of all that surrounds me, full of life-saving gratitude. To take those moments or hours of reflection on all that I have, have done, and desire to do, to continue on with a purpose.

A Purpose.

Of connection, contribution, grace, and love. Passing on skills, hearing heart-felt desires, inspiring bodies toward wellness and fulfillment. Continuing to learn and broaden the depth of my soul and brain. Forever growing with a raging fervor for more, more knowledge, more joy, more passion. Different now, though, with an aging wisdom of my years, With a slowing pace, ha…who knew…me…slow down? Ahh… contentment. Reaping in the bounty of watching you, now, grow and share and delight in the ways. As a mother.

Building the structures, creating the borders, and then tearing them down, allowing the beauty of our differences to contribute. This is the dance I do, I share, with you.

With the beauty of all I have become, with the faith of you, the desires you share with me, you show me, and I dance with a pride of peace.

My words for 2016



Wishing you all deepest love and connection, continuing awesomeness and beauty in all you do!







What’s coming up in 2016?

*Life and Dance Coaching — From my heart, my intuitive soul, and my experience, I now offer a deeper level of coaching for you. A dive into your relationships, with yourself, your loved ones, your students, your work, your dance. Wow…this is powerful stuff. This feeds into my Dance and Desire work as well. To dig in and find our truest desires, to find the source of who we are and what we want and need to live a full life of passion, creativity, fulfillment and so much more. I am honored to do this work. With you!

Ready for a free 15 minute consult with me? Let’s see where you are and if I can guide you to your desires! Contact me at

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*In Portland? Join my in person class– Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page, starts Monday, January 11th!  Here

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