A very special end of August coaching special with me!

Hello my friends!

Here in Portland we are close to a whopping 100 degrees… yes, hot, awesome full moon, and the end of summer, which I LOVE….

Still more glamping in our vintage trailers, musical concerts, dance gigs, readying for more international travel, gearing up for fall classes, more Tribal groove Teacher Trainings, solidifying my coaching services, new websites in transition, and loving living in my still new little house!

Life is good…


Paulette Rees-Denis Web-20I want to tell you about a quickie end of summer special I am offering you, my beautiful souls!

 I am having a special end of August Coaching session

opportunity for you!

Movement, Momentum, and Magic!

Many of you have never hired a coach before and I know that trepidation…I’ve been there!

And now I can’t imagine life without a coach… someone who has your back, who knows what you are up to, who is your accountability partner, to really hear you, and most importantly has the tools and techniques to guide you to get where you want to be, to help you get unstuck, feel better in your body, to allow the room for envisioning, to help you get the clarification you want, and to make those visions real. Even coaches need a coach! I think everyone needs a coach. Life can be a treadmill sometimes and often we need to get off to check it out, and other times, we need to speed it up, gain momentum, run, and make our stuff truly happen!

That is exciting, gratifying, and real…

So I have a special coaching offer for you, for new clients only, especially if you have been thinking about it, afraid so spend the money, reticent about doing something more dedicated for yourself, fearful of making that dream come true.

You know, dreams really do come true, if you make that intention to do the best things for yourself, follow an action plan, make the choice to step it up, and desire to follow your heart, opening up to your possibilities, which also helps all those around you, because you end up  beaming with great energy and excitement about life as you take control and live with more intention and love…

Sooooo…. You ready?


Let’s begin…with

A very special end of August coaching special with me!

 a 2 for 1!

During the last 2 weeks of August, meet with me on Skype or Zoom for your first and second coaching sessions,

and also receive a restorative and healing Reiki session too!


2 coaching sessions, in 2 weeks, and Reiki!

Let’s kick start your September!

I want to get you moving, your body and your desires with some action plans…

Never been coached?

Want to make your dreams real and have fun doing it?

I have room for THREE of you creatives, who wish for some healing, momentum and clarity.

All for $99.00! Regularly the price of just one session…

My gift to you to get you going…because that’s what I love to do!

**1st step:  Email me now to set it up, we’ll have a (free) quick consult to see if we are a good fit and if I feel I can assist you with what you are wanting, and if so, off we go….


Wherever you are in the world…easy, tell me where you are and list a few good times so we can chat and arrange your incredible sessions…

Deadline to book is 6:00 PST, Monday August 22!

Want to read a bit more? Go here…

**Make sure to

Come over to my Coaching pages on FB


I hope we set something up soon, so I can gift you with this special treat.

Now is your time…

with love and gratitude,


so, if you are wondering or waiting…what can I do to help you make some decisions?

comment in the spaces below…

and always, share this blog with a friend if they would enjoy it too! and YOU make sure to sign up for the weekly tidbits and inspirations! Love that you are here… and Thank you..

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