stuff to rip out my heart…

I had to share this, because it hurts. who made humans god?
please do what you can…

Predator’s Defense

Urgent Action Alert! Coyote Killing Derby This Weekend, Jan. 16-17, in Southeast Oregon

Coyotes were greatly revered by Navajo
herders, who called them “God’s dog.”

Starting this weekend hunters in southeast Oregon will head out to kill as many coyotes as possible, competing for prizes like rifles and scopes. Please help us stop this senseless slaughter.
Why the Killing Spree?

January 13, 2010 – A four-county killing derby will run January 16–17 in Lake, Malheur, Harney, and Klamath counties, headquartered in Silver Lake, Oregon. Coyotes killed will be counted by showing the severed ears. The 2-man teams killing the most coyotes will get prizes of rifles, scopes and binoculars. The entry fee is $50 each and proceeds will go to a charity, most likely having to do with children with cancer in memory of an “avid coyote hunter.”

While the aim of benefiting children with cancer is laudable, the means is outrageous. There are many other ways to honor a friend and raise money for charity.

Please contact the organizers of this event and explain why you object to this misguided and brutal killing. PLEASE BE CIVIL.

An open invitation to this killing spree is on the Big Game Hunt website at
What You Can Do Today

Please immediately contact the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife with your concerns and be sure to include both agencies in your message. Be polite, but direct and clear about why randomly killing predators is not acceptable ethically, scientifically or practically. The Commission has decision-making power and oversees the ODFW.

Contact the Commission and ODFW at:
Phone: (503) 947-6000 | Toll Free: (800) 720-ODFW | TTY: (503) 947-6339

Email Commission:

Email ODFW:

I thank you for listening and acting…

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