Sunday Dance to Word–a Stepping Stone or a Waterfall

What do you do when you get an answer you weren’t expecting? a nod to be patient with yourself? a message that says, wait? a query to make yourself better?

How do you take an unexpected message?

Do you think about where the delivery is coming from— a place of love or a negative place? Do you take the message inside and let it expand? Do you find someone else to blame? Are you thankful for the gift? Do you throw it away? What is your listening process?

Do you become a raging current? Mad at yourself or the world?

Is there a waterfall of emotions?

Water is very emotional…it can be tears of joy or sadness, it can wash away dirt and pain, it can be soothing and healing, a mirror for reflection, a swirling current of different emotions…How can it be healing? think of a swirling hot tub to soothe the aching muscles, a swim in a calm cool lake to invigorate the body and soul, or a walk over the river with time to ponder….

I love nothing more than a hot shower to wash away my day, to pound on my sore dancing back, to make me stop and breath, and let it wash over me. It is a place for a moment of meditation for me, to be in my body and acknowledge my self, and step out fresh…I like to zoom in to think of time and change as opportunities, not threats, and explore my possibilities and challenges.

Can you take a moment for a needed reflection? Take that message as a stepping stone to become a greater you…shining, raditating, stepping into the next phase. Zooming!

What is your process? Can you write about it? Use words as your lens to see your possibilities…

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