Sunday Dance To Word–an idea exercise–creating everyday magic!

Good Sunday to you my friends!

I have just returned from a weekend of glamping with my trailer friends, and I am feeling so grateful for my life!

Every day I am thankful  for my art, my work, and my and creative spirit, and all mixed up together those things allow me to live the life I desire. Those feelings and emotions then get my creative juices flowing–in my body, mind, or spirit– as I look around me and see potential for new projects or just things of beauty that I have surrounded myself with.  I always want to use, to own, to create magic from and in  the everyday, to make it extraordinary. And I LOVE that word!

How about you? Can you make a list, everyday for a week, of ten fantastic “things” around you? They could be physical objects, or sudden emotions, or living creatures, or whatever is inspiring and influential for you, so they make you want to do cartwheels, or write a story, or dance a jig! Know what I mean? Then share them with me, and us, throughout the week! Here on this blog. What fun….see where it takes you…

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