Sunday Dance to Word-Breitenbush thoughts

Ah, having just returned home from a blissful and dance-ful weekend at Breitenbush Hot Springs, here in Oregon, my annual Tribal Bellydance Women’s Retreat weekend–this being my 19th year, I have many thoughts about the Sunday dance to word pages….over the weekend we danced, we journaled, we talked, we hot-tubbed, we ate, we danced, we yoga-ed, we bhangra-ed, we tribal-ed, we sweated-both in the sauna and on the dance floor, and we journaled some more, with lots of laughter and some tears thrown was a profound weekend with the intimate circle of the fabulousness, creativity, and power that stems from tribal bellydance and beyond.

Some of the questions we talked and wrote about, I now propose to you to write about.

* In all of your fabulousness, future trip with yourself and where will you be with your dance and your art and your life in the near future?

*Then back it up, and write how amazing you are today in your art, acknowledging your power and beauty and grace and accomplishments…oh yea… you know what you have done! Spill it and be proud…

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