Sunday Dance To Word

my friends, another glorious weekend, full of laughing gorgeous dancing friends,  photo shoots, teaching a movement journey class with one of my dance partners, a bike ride with my man, a glass of pinot grigio in the hot delicious sunshine, a relaxing movie, a country swing band, dance rehearsal, a flash mob sequence in the streets of my neighbor hood, and more food and friend. can a weekend get any more delightful?

yes, because I wake up before the sun to have my alone time with my words! I must write, and I find time to be able to sit quietly with my pen, paper, and computer — craft, practice, and a thought to something that was said to me this week:

Cultivate an attitude of awareness! (Thank you Jenna, from the word cellar

In other words, pay attention, notice the details of your life… and find your own rhythm, get it on!

ok, so with that in mind, YOU, you fabulous artist, dancer, writer, painter, cook, mother, all of you….grap a cuppa, take a few, get your favorite writing instrument, and jot it down…

after you cross the hurdle of actually doing your art, taking the time to do it, getting started (you know what I mean!), how do  you feel?

after you take that dance class, or dance around your living room, after you sing your favorite song, or write your morning pages, or scibble that poem, or or or…

how do you feel?

and is it worth that feeling?

hell, yeah….

send it to me…

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