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…What’s happening in Deirdre’s Dance Den today? As guest editor for this blog—Taking Tribal Global—the bit that brings you lots of cool stuff including stories from Tribal Bellydancers from around the world, I invite you into my Dance Den, my virtual cubbyhole, a safe and beautiful space to think and discuss Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) goodness.



Here in Scotland the season is shifting into into winter and, although it’s not winter everywhere in our world, its a time here that make me love aspects of this dance more, and I was moved to write this poem, penned from my Den….
And to help you picture a UK winter, think of a wet, snowy, cold, windy and blustery dark evening… not always as picturesque as my photo!

Winter Warming

Like a blazing fire on a frosty night
Like a hot bowl of soup coming in from the cold
Like a big hug from the one you love on a snowy day
My dancing connects me to all my senses
Bringing them alive
Always discovering, always building, always pushing ourselves
Living in the moment, managing the frustrations – not enough time, flexibility, space to dance…
…not really important

What is?

Enjoying the cover of darkness to travel in costume!
Dance dance dance… Connect!
Discovering more sounds, more friends
More …Self-Respect.

Are there any budding poets out there? Please share any writings with us…

Its also that time to start thinking of the year about to close and the year ahead…

What have you achieved? What have you planned for your dance world?

Let us know and write to me,  sharing  inspires others, sparks ideas and may be the additional motivation someone needs!

Hugs and shimmies, Deirdre



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