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Discovery and Goosebumps with Jo Green!


As guest editor for this blog—Taking Tribal Global—this is the bit that brings you lots of cool stuff including chat and stories from Tribal Bellydancers from around the world, I invite you into my Dance Den, my virtual cubbyhole, to think and discuss Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) goodness.

Hello and welcome to Deirdre’s Dance Den, a hive of activity of drilling, prepping and practicing as the dance year is in full flow, and I’m loving the buzz! I’m also reminding myself to take some time out to smell the roses (or dig up the weeds in my garden more like!) So that I can stay fresh for my students and for myself and my family.
I received a great story to share from Jordanka (Jo) Green who currently lives in the UK in England (Thornbury, Bristol) having grown up in Bulgaria where she says “oriental music and hips on fire are a normal way of life.”

Jo was drawn initially to dance because of the music, enjoying
powerful drums, shamanic mandala music, Bongo – Shivas relaxing and lately more tribal Saptak songs.
I have had the beat of the music and hip moves in my blood since I was a child, I thought, I knew it all and I could confidently show it off here and there.  Jo Green
But what an epiphany! Paulette, Deirdre and Cinzia came on the stage of the Majma Festival in Glastonbury and my whole being was in an euphoric goosebumps ride. Falling in love with the sound and movement that represented such unity and uniqueness was inevitable! I love the GC Tribal moves called the Moroccan Box, Hip drops and the Ghawazee moves. Since Paulette’s workshops at Majma, I am now a devoted follower of Gypsy Caravan style and eagerly travel from North Bristol in England to Monmouth in Wales to get my tribal grooves on with Wendy Hughes.  Crazily enough, I dragged the whole of my family to Wales and to join in the “Happiness Hafla”  there.
Well, my life story has just started a totally new page as a Gypsy Caravan follower and I can’t wait to add on many pages and years to come.  Yes, it is a new life style that completes me physically and spiritually. I wish myself and all of you Gypsy-in-heart sisters many more gatherings where we can embrace our specialness through these groovy moves.”
In further discussion Jo told me she will be continuing her travels to Tribe Umrah in Prague (in the Czech Republic) to take workshops with Paulette (and Cinzia) this July. A world of journeys full of discovery and travels for Jo is underway! Go girl! Anyone else who is going please say hi to this lovely lady and new GC sister!


This is a safe place to share stories of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) and I invite everyone involved in the dance to share their journeys, whether you are new, seasoned, a student, a leisure dancer, a teacher, even a mate and a supporter cheering from the sides. Getting different perspectives on music, costuming, practice, classes, dance lifestyles opens up not only those that put their own words down on paper but allows us readers to gain a different angle and insight, perhaps flashing back to a great memory or sparking an idea. We’ve gone global so lets think big!

Won’t you share your adventures or favorite GC (Gypsy Caravan) bits? We love to here about your journeys too!
best wishes,
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