Taking Tribal Global – Keeping Fired-up!

photo-1Taking Tribal Global – Keeping Fired-up!

Deirdre’s Dance Den

Reflecting from my Dance Den today on what inspires me to dance, and what keeps me drilling and dancing. I love hearing stories from other dancers, it not only makes me smile, but it also inspires me to reflect. I think about how and why I want to keep getting that great ‘fix’, the one that Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance(TM) gives me! Now this is no ordinary fix – its one that should come with not a health warning BUT with a Great Health Alert! ‘My’ fix has gone Global and that is such a good thing! So what inspires me to keep it up? Not everyday can be high-energy, however, quoting the poet (Elizabeth Barrett-Browning): “Let me count the ways….. ”

Deirdre and Cinzia taking a break during Master Teacher Training

Fun – why would you do it otherwise? Fitness – keep that temple tuned! Challenge – working the mind and body, especially learning new moves and combos and working them to seamless transitions. Being the best dancer you can be! Connection – there is nothing more healing and restorative than knowing your dance friends have your back in and out of class. It’s mobile! – you can travel and find classes, meet great like-minded people, take on-line classes, or just put on some music and dance!

Sherry (Florida), Becky (Australia) and Paulette reflecting the global connection, dressing up and fun of Tribal Bellydance!

Energy – you get good energy and give good energy. Laughter – embed those laugh lines! Shoppingclass wear, performance wear, jewellery, the list goes on! Tattoos- (optional but addictive once started!). Please add to the list!

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psssst…Paulette’s off to Chicago today to teach and perform at Tribal Rev…I’m sure we’ll have some great stories and photos! Wish her and Amanda well for their performance Saturday night, and three days of delightful Tribal classes with Paulette… oh yeah…


and check out our Tribal Bellydance online classes!

Click below to watch the fun trailer for it!

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