Taking Tribal Global – the courage to ask!

deeItaly Hello from my Dance Den. Reaching out to some pretty darn wonderful people and dancers out there, looking out for your stories and hearing your journeys – we learn so much by talking, sharing, telling stories.

I remember WAY back in 2004 when I lived in Portland and had been attending the studio for around 4 years regularly. I was still a fledgling GC student learning about myself as a dancer,  learning this wonderful Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) that had captured my heart and body, the steps, transitions, rhythms, combinations, meeting and establishing connections with the dancers and feeling a sense of awe and feeling an almost mystical wonder at the energy surrounding the studio. And the amazing performances!

Deirdre TT2004
Flashback! In Portland  – Deirdre with Karen and Anjea in Nov 2004 following TT programs

I started to journal and take notes, listen to music, practice at home to try and get these second nature, particularly transitioning from one move to another, and providing clear cues for other dancers in class when leading. It was like learning a new language, well it WAS a new language as I had studied then taught Egyptian dance over a ten year period prior to this. I wanted to give myself the time, you can learn through listening, watching, feeling, discussing, doing, and I wanted to learn, learn, learn.

And then I felt I’d ran out of time, I was being transferred with my day job back to Scotland. I felt devastated. Now what? Remember this was pre-Skype, online, major web usage and social media! I needed this in my life, what could I do? And I remembered hearing Paulette talk about her Teacher Training programs. Could I have the courage to ask, never mind actually undertake it successfully? I remember the generosity of Paulette in adapting the timing of her programs Teacher Training Beginner and Intermediate at that point to meet my departure schedule and the fun began! I had the ability and tools to start spreading this back in Scotland (and then elsewhere I have travelled and lived).

Flash forward 10 years and my passion has not diminished, Paulette is still teaching me so much and I now have the pleasure and responsibility of being part of her team to spread the Tribal love through my own teaching and through Collective Soul as a Master Teacher! And the friends, connections, the network… I smile when I think I almost didn’t have the courage to ask, as my life and path would have been very different!

Paulette and Deirdre, JoY 2006, UK

“I couldn’t live without dancing. If I had never had the opportunity to discover that I could dance – that I wanted to dance more than anything – I know I would have been a different person, and I believe that I would not have had the happiness that my life has given me.” (Melissa Hayden)

…. But I do believe many of us could have written that!

Share your stories with us, we look forward to it, whether about music, class, community, costuming, learning – help us learn, laugh, reflect and dance!

I look forward to hearing from you.

contact me at: Deirdre@gypsycaravan.us

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