Tattoo Adventures, part 2

Continuing on our San Francisco journey of music and tattooes…

Jeff and I performed that first Saturday night (of a million bands), within several incarnations, both of us played and danced together in a Gypsy Caravan medley with rockin’ drummers, Greg Langston and Gil Ray. _IGP6323_Paulette

_IGP6318_Paulettephotos by Gary Dorrington



Switching from Middle Eastern horns to bass guitar, Jeff then played with his early style punk bank, No Alternative, rocking the house for sure.


Changing gears yet again, from fast playin’ punk rock to moody tunes in a Fade To Black incarnation, our band from early to mid 80’s ended the show that night, to return for the Sunday night show at Slim’s.

Stephan Byran Salit, the guitar player from the Defectors, also played with several bands that weekend, and he was able to show me much of his ink work too.

DSCF3864Left arm  was inked by Madam Ashley Talbot and Ross Jones.DSCF3872

Now I was having some fun…beautiful men, tattooes, and music, and of course, I love being on stage, so the whole event was a bit of heaven besides bringing a community of mucho talented and fabulous folk together, audience and performers alike.

And now to the women of   Deathstock…. 2 ladies come to mind with their gorgeous ink and beautiful selves….

Terry Carnes


rollerskate was designed and tattooed by Jerry Ware, the cactus was designed by Rex Munger and tattooed by Jerry Ware.

And Jenny Orgeron, with ink work from Jason Storey at Blue dragon Tattoo….



On our way home Jeff and I stopped off in Applegate Valley for a night of peace and quiet (well, not quite), sleep and some fabulous wine tasting, oh yea, southern Oregon is happening, folks, let me tell you!

And I will, next month, with more fab tattooes, some wine delights, and more travels, oh yea!

And I’m gearing up to travel to Milan, Italy, next week, to teach my dance for two weeks with the fabulous Cinzia (of the stupendous tribal dance group, Les Soeurs Tribales) and her man Miki, full of awesome art work…so lots to come for you.

Many thanks and happy fall to you all…

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