the 1st farmgirrrl divas gathering

Farmgirrrl Divas…
Thank you for a lovely afternoon, those of you who made our first meeting soiree! I can’t wait for the rest of you to join us…
We knitted and crocheted, ate some yummy food, drank tea and wine, and visited the goaties and dogs as we got to know each other.
Our plan is to meet about once a month, and we came up with ideas about what we want to do–make cheese, knit, help with each other’s farm animals, make candles at Christmas time, support and participate in  the farmer’s market in Rainer, among other things!
We even received farmgirl connection certificates and farmgirl bumperstickers!
At the next gathering, let’s make cheese,  (I”ll get the supplies, and let you know how much to chip in) bring your projects to show and ideas to share along with a vegetarian potluck dish.

farmgirrls paulette, mama lee, karen, kim,

sorry I missed photos of the other gals, and they were great knitters too!

next time 🙂
Please check out
to learn more about being part of the growing collective farmgirls! and something to think about…
I have joined the farmgirl sisterhood (no it’s not a cult! :))
and am working on my merit badges, the first  is going green. Whether you want to get a badge or not, these are things you can work on!

Cleaning Up

1. Going Green
Beginner Level
Get rid of all cleaners in your house that are not “green.” Make sure to check your laundry detergent, bathroom, and kitchen cleaners.
Write a mission statement for your house pledging to only use green cleaners in the future
Keep a thrifty, nifty and green journal of recycle and green living ideas, recipes, plans and projects and share it with someone who wants to change their habits or share it with your chapter if you are a member of one.
If your household is already “green,” make a gift basket full of green products for a friend or to give away as a housewarming gift.

Intermediate Level
Make your own laundry detergent.
Make your own soap.
Make your own all purpose cleaners, window cleaner, floor cleaner.
Share your tried-n-true recipes wherever you see fit.

Expert Level
Get your house totally organized around “green.”
Install and use a clothesline for all drying. If not permitted, use an indoor drying rack instead of the dryer.
Use non-toxic paint when repainting the interior of your house.
Get carpets sealed against out-gassing or remove carpets from house.
Donate six hours of your time to a girlfriend whose house needs “greening up.”
Turn your books having to do with a hopeful future into a lending library with a check-out system. Give the list to friends and neighbors and invite them to visit.

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