the count down to dancing with your desires!

the count down to dancing with your desires!

starts this Sunday, and YES, you can still join us…would love you to join our lovely and intimate circle of women in this course!

Body Love, Belly Dance, Heart-opening, Divine Inspiration,

Soul Diving, & Celebration
an eight week dance, movement and word online course, starting October 4th



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Celebrate yourself, dive in, dance, let it go, release and rejoice, get out of your box, climb into your box, say the words you long to hear, feel the words you desire!

I want you to have a great time in this course, in our creative circle, sharing journeys and altars and words and fears and joys and all this good stuff. Bring to you what you want baby… let’s do this!

Let’s dance, listen, and find stillness. Let’s try that new path of self-loving and caring about where you are right now. And feel the love!

As a dancer and a writer, a movement motivator and an inspirator of glorious feminine celebration, my work is ultimately about guiding women on a D?ance and Desire? journey to follow their soul desires through movement, words, and personal creative beauty. I love words. To write, ramble, run­on, express, the oh hell yeah’s and ah­ha’s, unlocking the mysteries, splitting open the inner truths, spilling my guts, releasing and renewing, and finding just the right words and the right time.

And I love to dance… all kinds of movement that makes my body and soul glisten, makes me feel alive, knowing the all my parts work for me (not against me), to feel fit and firm in my curvaceous woman’s body, to look in the mirror and love what I see. Bellydance, tribal, to move with a sensual woman’s body, to feel the isolations, to hear that lilting and hypnotic melody that makes me swoon and undulate, or the percussive drums that make my hips shimmy and shake and awaken my woman’s creative core. To feel ancient wisdom rise from our hips! The yogic stretches the keep me loose and aligned. The aerobic pump that makes me alive with heartbeat. A sassy sway, a moody breath, a knowing smile. That is what I want!

You? What do you want? Join us and let’s get down to it! this Sunday, and every Sunday for eight weeks, but all done on your own time, no pressure!

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