To be an entertainer

Many people have told me that I make the dance look so easy, effortless, fun.

It is fun for me, no question about it, and that always comes through my dance, I know that. And the fun part is dancing with my partners, my sister dancing friends, sharing the love of moving and creating.

Easy? Well, no. It’s not easy. It is hard, sometimes very hard. But that drive to refine is part of my process, my journey. It is very rewarding when I conquer what I’m working on. When I get good at it, it does become easier, when it is in my body, in my muscle memory, when I’ve trained myself to flow and have practiced it a million times. Well then, maybe easier…and maybe not, but I still love it and can share it with you.

That is the role of performer, to share effortlessly, to showcase, or highlight, what is is they do, if they are a master at it. The entertainer has a whole other skill to develop once they learn the action. They need to be able to present it, effortlessly. To be comfortable in their skin.To be an entertainer takes another set of skills, a driving desire from within to want to share, to have a gift for sharing, like a teacher wants to teach, or a wordsmith want to write. It is what they are fantastic at, not just good.

Fantastic takes practice, determination, skill, love,  passion, and the innate ability to pull it off! Woo hoo…to be a champion of their own authenticity. A performer works with creative enthusiasm and empowerment. Empowering oneself as well as the audience.Enthusiasm spreads. Pass it on.

How long does it take to get there? Everyone has different paces and skill sets and time constraints, among a zillion other issues. But don’t give yourself excuses, that won’t work. The most important part of the whole process is to be truthful to yourself, to really know what you want, to know what you are doing, and why. Without peer pressure, meaning you are not performing just because your friend wants you to. Honest evaluation, revealing critiques, hard work, passion. Knowing your limits too. You want to be brilliant, to shine, to glow, to revel in your abilities and knowledge of what you love. Do you want it? How long it takes doesn’t really matter; it is still about the process, the journey, the being in the moment. That is where the power comes from. And the wisdom that you derive from that goes into what you can then put out to the world. Gorgeousness.

So easy, no. Time commitment, yes. Passion, curiosity, desire, ability, soul-craving, heart-opening need…check. Fun, hell yea!

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