Tribal Farmgirl Paulette knits…

Paulette and the yarnA winter full of knitting crazy stuff, mostly because I really don’t know much about knitting, except your knit and purl and then winding the yarn a few times to leave some holes in the piece. I add different yarns when I feel like it, combining fuzzy with glitter with hemp with wool. How fun is that? These above where these soft coccons of yummy colors that I made several very long boa type scarves from.

scrunchy boa
scrunchy boa

Of course my cat, Sage, wanted a scarf too.sage and yarnCarol and Gina got those yummy boas, along with me. Dulci got a crazy glittery pink girly fringy scarf or hip sash because she is so feminine.

dulci's scarfThen Lynea, who has beautiful blue eyes and blondish hair got this fuzzy one in watery greens and blues for her birthday. It’s so fun to make things for someone special because you create it just for them only, and are inspired by them as you make it.

lynea scarfFusing ideas and colors and thoughts of someone, reminds me of how I dance too, fusing ideas, cultures, songs, moves, depending on mood, song, someone, even what I’m wearing at the time.

I just finished reading Kate Jacob’s  third book, Knit Two, A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel. A delightful read, and I can’t wiat to read her new one. Another aspect of community building. a knitting group of women who, although very different in age, culture, upbringing, work, join together and build solid relationships of support, love, inspiration. Just like our dance community, just a different art form that brings people together. Pretty cool, eh?

I have enjoyed her other books so much. Anyone read the new one?

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