Tribal Vision comments!

I so love it when you write to me, and how rewarded I feel when I get a letter like this! It means so much when you take a few seconds and jot down your thoughts. I wanted to share this with you.


“Hi Paulette

I finished the last chapter of Tribal Vision last night. Wow! That book meant so much to me. I absolutely LOVED every section of the book. It has truly changed the way I see the dance. I so needed your words during this time in my life. I have a new love and appreciation for what tribal bellydance adds to my life. 

Thanks so much! Your book is AMAZING!!! 

-Kara LeBleu 


Thanks Zepora, wow.

The dance is a very special dance, and it has changed so many lives. I’m delighted my book has touched you in a special way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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