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I am so honored, to know that my book has touched someone. That is such a reward for me. Here is a review by Zepora from Thank you Zepora!

 “I just received the book, Tribal Vision, by Paulette Rees-Denis. I have only yet read the first 3 chapters, but all I can say is, “WOW!”
This is one of the most refreshing books I have read. It touches on many dance related subjects that are close to heart. It gives a nice history of American Tribal Style belly dance as well as Paulette’s own personal history. Tribal Vision also touches on belly dance classes, troupes, and the impact the dance has on women. Several personal insights by various dancers are given, along with beautiful, full-color pictures.
This book is a must read for all belly dancers. It is also a very beautiful book and would just look absolutely gorgeous on any coffee table, but you MUST read it! I especially love the way she talks about the connection belly dance helps women make with themselves and others.
A truly life-changing read”.

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