What I am Loving Today

*Thank you Hilary Giovale, for the wonderful interview you did with me in the latest issue of Shimmy Magazine! (issue #13) about Taking Tribal Global….love it!

*A quote from Seth Godin, “The good jobs of the future aren’t going to involve working for giant companies on an assembly line. They all require individuals willing to chart their own path, whether or not they work for someone else.”

*My new instagram app for my iphone!

*Being back on home turf after 3 weeks on the road in Europe, and rehearsing with my home girls (GCDC), getting ready for our first Portland show in a looooong time!   Salon L’Orient Rites of Spring
April 22nd at the Star Theatre

*amazing poetry by Samantha Reynolds, and she writes one a day!  http://bentlily.com/


*time to reflect back on my past few weeks of travel and teaching and looking at my photographs…

little bits of australia…magic…

enjoy your weekend…peace…

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