What the dance has taught me…

What the dance has taught me…

What the dance has taught me…

well …some of the things…there have been so many 🙂

Along my journey from dancer to performer to teacher…

I have learned

To watch and listen,

to allow room to breath and grow,

to share the journey…

to guide with love, patience and compassion,

to inspire, instigate, kick some ass,

To push you when necessary, hold you back when needed

To envision the possibilities without a need for waiting

To slow down when I had to

To go full force with the dream

Never to question, but just do what felt right

To feel what felt right

To trust

To experiment

Not to fail, but to change ways

To move on when it was time

To not hold on when it was time to let go

To not be afraid to move on

To dream up what I needed next

To go after my heart and soul’s desires

To continue to study formally and informally

To gather knowledge, wisdom,

To know and desire Wellness

To feel good in my body

To move with freedom

To play through my body

To allow my body to be the conduit for expression

To share with another the journey

To honor the moment

To let go of another when the time came

To feel the connection with the earth

To feel the connection with self

To honor the ways, the traditions, those who have come before

While blazing a trail for now

To live and create with integrity

To pass on the skills and knowledge with love

To not hold on tightly

To support and encourage

To demand the best

To not wallow or settle

And to not let you either

To celebrate myself and each other

To hear and make music that moves my soul and body

To grow older with grace and joy

To  hold sacred each day and each moment

To love deeper

To allow the hurt and then dance it off

To not hold on to

To change on a moment’s notice

To improvise through life

To make decisions

to live a life I have chosen

to fulfill my purpose of being here

To lead

To follow

To allow the divine inspiration

To listen to my dreams and the ancestors–to build this dance

To give it to you

To teach you to be the best

To inspire you

To join hands

To trust completely

To feel great in my body, and my life…

What my friends, has it taught you?

Share in the comments…. 🙂

These are just a few thing the dance has given me….taught me… lead me to… changed me… so that I can guide you…

with gratitude for the journey

excerpts from the book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration Of Life Through Tribal Bellydance! (go here…

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carol laughingpaulette first tribal fest-by shay moore gc:tribal fest5 :QD gcdc 2014 gypsy c, gypsy heart, soul collective:velo cult 6:2-14 MT 2 2015 Sister Caavan at the Fez 2004

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