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Hey it’s me, Paulette, your inspirational queen for your Dance & Desire

for those of you who are new here, and there are lots of you, WELCOME, and you other amazing folks, so glad you are here!


I am a writer and inspirator of movement and words, innovator of the global format Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®, catalyst to get your life’s groove on, a goddess,honky tonkin’ angel guitar picker and boot scooter, wandering gypsy, wondering woman, lover, friend, author/blogger, glamper, vegetarian, with a healthy body and vibrant soul…

I  am your guide to your desires and dreams, fine tuning your body and your passions with clarity, diving in with dance and words, teaching and performing, around the globe and online for you to live big and happy and with full on celebration!

Let’s create some dance magic together, shall we?

I offer lots of ways to do that but one of my babies is about to be birthed, and I am behind the scenes filming and writing and interviewing and dancing with so much big love and excitement! It has gotten hard for me to pare down because there is an overflowing abundance flowing out of me, it is like taming the wild beast. Ha!


It is coming, starting October 4th with me!

WebBanner dance&desire-1Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page…

an 8 week online class, full of glorious goodness,

body love, core movement and acknowledgement, instigation for your desires

tools for you, inspiration for you, motivation for you, celebration of you!

yes, that is what you get

when you work with me, dance with me and desire with me!

Plus four other inspirational goddesses to share their vision and tools — these amazing women are gracing us with their wisdom, creative

inspirations, and love…

Elaine Goldman, Melissa Mattern, Samantha Fox Olson, and Elena Lipson! (oh, such delicious women to share with you, more on them soon…)

Wowowo…are you soooo excited?

and registration opens up September 20th,

and soon we can tell you even more about the course, but I just can’t not tell you a little bit now…

We dance the tribal bellydance styling, combined with yoga and strengthening, moving meditations, writing prompts to question your passions, and connection, with yourself, and with each other in the course. Feeling what we need in our temple and allowing ourselves to feel good, to heal, to release, to pleasure.

YOU get clarity, a body that moves with you, not against you, dancing grooves, writing places to leap off of, some deep diving and some light fun!

And that helps create life magic…

with clarity of desires, body joy, rewarding words, and love…

Because…you want to:

feel inspired

love your body

get some new tools

get outside your box

kick start your energy

feel freakin great

shake it out

find some inner peace and outer love

and have a fantastic time…

let’s get your passion fired up, your body moving, your dance groovin, your words flowing, your desires spoken (shouted out  loud!), your soul connected, and get it on with this fabulous life!

Celebrate with me…

Coming at you, real soon, and

I am soooo glad you have joined us here, whether you have been with me for years, or you are brand new! It is an honor and a blessing to have you here, and we share and have so much fun, with our bodies, and our words, and our journey.

With deep gratitude…

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and if you haven’t already, please do sign up for our weekly blog there on the right, 

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Join us for some great inspiration and conversation with our global crew in our gathering place of a like-minded tribe for women only, of women who want to dance with life, move and share, who need support, who wish to dive in, who want to shine, to desire to honor their bodies, who want to be accepted as they are, or who want to make some changes that feel important to their heart and soul, who want prompts to get their groove on, who want to succeed, try something different, who wish to make changes, who want to be seen, and ultimately, who want to celebrate themselves and each other, in this global grouping of fabulousness!


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